Blade Runner 2049 & The Return of Saturation

Nov 13, 2017 ~ 2 min read ~ reviews

Blade Runner 2049 & The Return of Saturation

Here’s my original twitter review of the movie:

After some time to ponder it… I’m sticking with that assessment.

With that said, the movie was visually stunning. Just gorgeous.

I am so happy color has returned to movies (and games). For too long have we had to endure the desaturated grey/blue/brown color palette! Why every movie seems to default to that dingy look is beyond me. Does that make it “dark and gritty?” What is this, the nineties?

Yes, color correction is a cool thing, but man has it been used poorly in the last decade (in “blockbuster” movies, some things like animated films never succumbed to brown-itis). Who is responsible for the return of color design?


I think Guardians of the Galaxy (or Marvel in general) may be the one(s) to credit for returning a rich palette to big movies (or not – Feel free to posit a different source in the comments).

Thor: Ragnarok has certainly embraced the aesthetic – And taken it a step further, I’d say.

Whoever is responsible I just want to say: Thank you.