On Content Ownership

May 7, 2017 ~ 2 min read ~ thoughts

On Content Ownership

The other day I stumbled across an old blog of mine from 2003. It was a bit of a time capsule. Which is rather cool. I can remember what I was up to, uh, a lot of years ago. It also started me thinking a bit about content ownership and where I share things online1.

I could support third-party platforms by posting my content to them. But why? What do I get out of it? More eyeballs? I’m not really concerned about that. Maybe if I were trying to make a living off of it. But really, I write/draw for my own enjoyment. So why should I allow other services to (literally) cash in on my work?

I realized that I’d rather have a central place where I post online and use social media as mere notification centers that link back to my site. Not that I have more control of who sees (or takes) my stuff on my own site, per se… But I do have control of how it’s presented, what kinds of ads (if any) are shown, and I can always revise any of that at any time.

Anyway, that’s why I created this blog. I’ll be updating it with older content that’s been posted elsewhere, making this site its official home. I also have more works of fiction, visual and prose, in the queue. Those will certainly wind up here in due course. In the meantime, please enjoy all my older stories and comics!

  1. Bear in mind I’m referring to actual content. Stories, Comics, Reviews, things like that. ↩︎