Praxis Makes Perfect

Aug 15, 2023 ~ 2 min read ~ releasenewsbooks

Praxis Makes Perfect

Proof Paperback Copy

It’s available in paperback too!

Here’s proof. Heh, a proof copy. I don’t have any author’s copies, yet. But they’re on the way.

Conscripts. Pirates. A mysterious cargo. An impossible mission.

When Smith and W’sin steal a derelict ship to escape life as prisoners aboard the pirate vessel Caro, they get more than they bargained for. The ship, called Praxis, holds a dangerous secret cargo they must deliver through a treacherous asteroid field to save an entire civilization.

Escape into an interstellar tale of perseverance, partnership, and seizing control of your destiny.

Full of action, humor, and heart, Praxis Makes Perfect is the exciting sci-fi adventure you’ve been waiting for!

Available now on Amazon.com in ebook and paperback formats!

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Ever wonder how Smith & W’sin got the Praxis? This prequel reveals the rousing backstory of how our favorite privateers acquired their iconic ship. New readers, jump right in! Returning fans, get ready to see the Praxis and its crew like never before. Strap in for the thrilling origins of a sci-fi saga.

Reading order:

  1. Praxis Makes Perfect
  2. Apoidean Affair
  3. Nexus Necrominder