Tales of Daring

Aug 12, 2017 ~ 2 min read ~ reviews

Tales of Daring

Say what you will about a cartoon whose protagonist is a 0.00000000001 percenter… It’s still a lot of fun.

I remember when the original DuckTales first came out. My brother and I never missed an episode. We loved it, to put it mildly. So when they announced the re-boot I was torn. Generally I’m getting very weary of reboots/sequels/prequels and other intellectual laziness.

But they hit me in a weak spot. I was quietly excited. I tried to temper my expectations – and mostly did – but I really hoped it would live up to the spirit of the original.

After seeing the pilot (running literally all hours of the day today, Aug 12 2017) I have to say I’m really happy with it.

They did change aspects of all of the characters, but in a good way. In some cases they added character where there was none. The butler, Mr. Ducksworth (who was oddly a beagle), was completely removed. Seems they rolled that role into Mrs. Beakley.

As much as I loved the original, I had to admit the triplets were largely interchangeable. Only their hat/shirt color separated them. In the new show, the nephews still have their unique color schemes, but also unique personalities (and voice actors). They aged up Webbigail to be more of the boy’s peer instead of a little sister/tag along.

But most importantly, Launchpad McQuack is still funny (getting SNL player Beck Bennett as the voice actor didn’t hurt).

There seems to be a lot more mystical elements in the new DuckTales than the original. But that should be a lot of fun. I was always happy when an episode was more “out there” than when the Beagle Boys, or other mundane villians, were the focus.

It’s still early. As Bill (The Big Tuna) Parcells once said, “put away your anointing oil.” I’m not going to come to a verdict after the first episode. But I will say that I’m looking forward to, and will definitely watch, upcoming episodes when they begin airing on Sept 23… Right around the date of the 30th anniversary of the original!! (Wow, I just made myself feel old.)

About the art on this post: I’ve been wanting to get back to creating 3D artwork again and a low-poly Moneybin seemed like a great way to ease in.