Hurry Up and Wait

2 min read ~ Sep 7, 2009 ~ flash fictionficly

Hurry Up and Wait

Rob was completely spent. His client had been in such a rush, they demanded that he have something to show by Monday. So Rob worked all weekend. Toiled long and hard, finishing in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Bleary eyed, he sent the email.

It’s done! I hope it meets with your satisfaction.

Thanks, Rob Renshaw

Right before he put his computer to sleep, it beeped. A new email had arrived.

Rob didn’t want to know. He really, really wanted sleep. But what if it was an emergency?

Rob sighed. Okay, I’ll just see who the sender is.

It was the client.

Oh boy. Was something wrong? Had he forgot something? Frowning, he clicked the message.

We rescheduled that meeting, it’s not until next week. But I’m sure what you did was fine.

Cheers, Mike Billingsly

After staring at it for a moment Rob turned off his computer, stood up, walked to the elevator, went to the parking garage, got into his car and drove to the first gun store he could find.

That was how Rob happened to have the gun he was now holding.

Originally published on Ficly – A flash fiction social network now, sadly, defunct.