Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth


3 min read ~ Feb 14, 2018 ~ fan fictionscene

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

The following is a scene from my take on what Indiana Jones 5 could be.

“This is bullshit! It’s not fair!” Henry ‘Mutt’ Williams was pacing furiously in the hallway outside his mother’s hospital room.

His father barked out a harsh laugh. “What gave you the idea that life is fair?”

“Why aren’t you doing something?” Mutt said, ignoring him.

“What do you mean? There’s nothing to do.”

“I’ve heard all the stories, from Ox and others.” Mutt stopped his short back-and-forth march. “They’re true, aren’t they? You found the Holy Grail, actually held it in your hands.”

“Well, yeah. But kid—”

“And did it really save your dad’s life?”

Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones Jr. sighed as he pushed up his trademark fedora and scratched his head.

“Answer me!” Mutt said.

“Yes, it did. For a little while. But he still died. We all die, that’s what gives life meaning.” Indiana said. “Besides, the Grail was lost.”

“C’mon,” Mutt resumed his pace. “You must know something that can save her. Some ancient Egyptian talisman, or Aztec idol. Some… Something.

“Stop it! Do you even hear yourself? None of those things exist. Even if they did, you need to face the facts; We can’t save your mother.” Indy’s brows creased. “Son, she’s been smoking cigarettes for decades. It’s done too much damage. We can’t change that. No one can.”

“Don’t give me that. There has gotta be—How about the Fountain of Youth?”

Indy paused for a moment. “That wouldn’t help.”

“So you’re saying it’s real?” Mutt pulled up short. “It actually exists out there somewhere?”

“Well. Yeah, I think it’s real.” He scratched his chin, remembering a conversation from years ago. “I mean, an old colleague of mine was sure the tomb of Christopher Columbus held the key to finding it… But that’s beside the point. You don’t understand—”

“Understand what?” Mutt jabbed his finger at Indy. “That you know something that can save mom’s life but won’t do anything about it?”

“These things, kid.” Indy shook his head. “They always come with a catch. Horrible ones, usually.”

“I don’t care! Between the two of us, we can find a way around it. Or through it.” He took a step forward. “We can figure it out. Why won’t you help me?”

“I’m trying to.”

“Why won’t you save your wife?”

Indy frowned.

Mutt looked at him intently. “Why won’t you save my mom?”

Indy took a deep breath and looked at his son. Then he turned and walked back into Marion’s room.