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Fractured Realms: A Postmortem

Nov 13, 2023 ~ 34 min read ~ writingaicraft

A post in which I go on at some length about using AI as a tool for writing stories (quickly).


Modern Pulp Fiction

Sep 1, 2023 ~ 6 min read ~ writinghistory

What exactly does “modern pulp fiction” mean, and how does it inform my writing? Grab a cup of joe, put your feet up, and let me break it down for you.


There's No Holding Back The Tide

Apr 9, 2023 ~ 7 min read ~ aiwritingcrafttech

How AI is shaping the future of writing, and what is the sweet spot between human creativity and AI assistance?


What Kind Of Writer Do You Want To Be?

Mar 14, 2023 ~ 4 min read ~ aithoughtswritingcraft

If you want to make a living writing things you don’t care about, you might as well get into marketing or copywriting.



Feb 15, 2023 ~ 3 min read ~ writingtechcraft

How is rubber duck debugging similar to writing stories with an AI?