The Dream Team in ¡Dia de los Muertos!

Page 1 – Cover

Panel 1 – Splash page. The Dream Team — Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Dan Marley, Carl Malone, Chris Mullen, and Patrick Ewing — are all in a little courtyard area in Barcelona, a tour-guide finishing up his tour of the city.

Caption: 1992. Barcelona, Spain.

Guide: And that concludes the tour of beautiful Barcelona, hombres.

Page 2 – Outbreak!

Panel 1 – MS. Team looking around, tour guide smiling at them.

Guide: I hope you will enjoy your stay!

Magic: Thanks, I’m sure we wi–

Panel 2 – CU. Zombie coming out of the ground


Zombie: Sesos!

Panel 3 – Same shot as panel 1, but now there are zombies everywhere. The Team looks around, shocked.

Magic: Uh, does this happen often? Continue reading “The Dream Team in ¡Dia de los Muertos!”

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