Sculptember 2021

Nov 6, 2021 ~ 3 min read ~ thoughtsartsculptember

Sculptember 2021
An Incomplete Krang, But Still Cool IMHO

Sculptember! For the third year straight! Yay!

Once again, I used Blender. However, this time, I didn’t feel the need to use a beta or, god forbid, an alpha. The production version (2.93 at the time of writing this) was more than up to the task. In fact, I used some cool new tools that weren’t even in alpha last year. For example, I used the boundary tool to make Rosie’s wrist ruffles on Day 28.

As usual, some pieces came out better than others. Considering they were done in a few hours each, I’m satisfied. Although, I did run out of time on a Krang image on Day 11. I was going to show the full android body (incomplete version shown to the right), but I wound up cropping it to just his face. Oh well, you do what you can in the time allotted.

This is such a fun challenge. So fulfilling, creatively. I recommend everyone try it. If you’re a 2D artist, I doubly recommend it. I think working in 3D has, perhaps surprisingly, improved my drawing skills a lot.

So here they are; which image is your favorite?

Day Day 01: Ring Day Day 02: Deadly Cupcake Day Day 03: Cherries Day Day 04: Old Muppet Day Day 05: Big Teeth Day Day 06: Kitty Day Day 07: Wind Day Day 08: One Eyed Chameleon Day Day 09: Beautiful Zombie Day Day 10: Asymmetrical Face Day Day 11: Retro Cartoon Day Day 12: Cereal Character Day Day 13: Pokemon Day Day 14: Crazy Llama Day Day 15: Liquid Monster Day Day 16: Childhood Toy Day Day 17: Retro Robot Day Day 18-19: Fat Cereal Character & Taste Day Day 20: Sea Creature Day Day 21: Stick Day Day 22: Adventure Time Day Day 23: Treasure Day Day 24: Nintendo Day Day 25: Bad Bunny Day Day 26: Crypto Punk Day Day 27: Square Bear Day Day 28: Futuristic Day Day 29: Winter Day Day 30: Baby Wrestler