I, Person

1 min read ~ Sep 7, 2009 ~ flash fictionficlysci fi

I, Person

Person grunted as he lifted the pack onto his back.

“Careful, someone might mistake you for a real gorilla!” Chavez laughed as he went to his station to gear up. He could be a real dick sometimes.

“Har, har.” Person growled around the cigar in his mouth. “I may be a gorilla, but you’re the guy that takes orders from a gorilla.”

“Ouch!” Chavez replied. He put his hand to his chest, as if skewered. “You got me. I’ll just crawl into a corner die. Happy now, Person?”

Yes, Person was a gorilla. A Gorilla Berengei, to be exact. But hey, who can help how they’re born? He was the result of a government experiment to create disposable infantry. They tried to smarten gorillas up enough to take orders. But in Person’s case, they did too good a job.

“Person? What kind of name is that, anyway? Hungarian?” Jones joked. He was already suited up and ready for the mission.

“Latin, actually.” Person said. “But if you have time to joke, you have time to secure the ATAV.”

“Ah, man. I hate doing that.”

Person smiled.

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