The Last Stand

1 min read ~ Oct 6, 2012 ~ flash fictionficly

The Last Stand

Jarec, the ship’s pilot, looked over to his first-mate. “Things aren’t looking so good, pal.”

Frougierre looked back at him, his amphibious eyes watery with emotion.

“Frgl burb.”

Yeah, I know,” Jarec flipped a switch on the console and glanced at the large frigate, bristling with cannons, filling their view screen, “but it’s the only option we have left.”

“Feeg bregu ploog”

“Hey, I don’t like this any more than you do. If you have any great ideas, now would be the time!”

The silence between them lengthened. The only sound in the cockpit was the computer’s countdown.

“I’m sorry we didn’t make it to Phroglton.”

Frougierre thought of his home planet. Maybe this was for the best. He was about to enter his Fifth Decem, which meant he would be required to make the Life Choice. All Phrogltonians are born female, but every ten cycles they change genders. After they’ve been male and female twice, they choose their final form and start the last phase of their life.

Dying in a nova would be much more fun.

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