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Boo-oom 2: Electric Boo-galoo!

Nov 3, 2019 ~ 1 min read ~ games

Keep ghosts from escaping the cemetery by hurling spirit bombs at them! How far can you get before becoming overwhelmed? A new game from WizBangify (me)!


Drumpf Flinger 9000

Sep 9, 2018 ~ 1 min read ~ games

In a post-apocalyptic alternate timeline (when there are no limits on adjective usage!) President Drumpf is trapped on the ‘wrong’ side of his wall. Your job is to fling him over it, if you can. If not… Well, accidents happen.


Making Games

Mar 6, 2018 ~ 2 min read ~ thoughtsgames

Some lessons I’ve learned making my first two games in Unity…


Monthly Game Update

Nov 22, 2017 ~ 2 min read ~ gameswip

I had a lot of fun with last month’s game, but didn’t wind up with all my ideas finished in time for the deadline. But games, like art, are never finished. Just abandoned. (Right, Leo?)


Boo-oom, A Postmortem

Nov 3, 2017 ~ 2 min read ~ reviewspostmortemgames

Primarily for posterity, here are some thoughts about my game Boo-oom!



Oct 31, 2017 ~ 1 min read ~ games

Here’s a little game from me to you, just in time for Halloween!