Tag: 4k jam

BJ and the Bear Sep 2, 2014   ◦   ~ 500 words / 3 minutes

There once was a lumberjack named Jack Lumber. He was the best lumberjack ever – And he knew it.

The townspeople called him “B.J.” for Boastful Jack.

The Grand Archive Adventure Aug 25, 2014   ◦   ~ 1,500 words / 8 minutes

You think you know something, but then the universe just has to prove you wrong. Heb’beth thought as she headed to the Grand Archive’s refreshment area for a well deserved break.

Serenity Island [Unfinished] Mar 13, 2013   ◦   ~ 1,150 words / 6 minutes

This island is afloat. Attached to no land mass, it drifts as it pleases. Going whichever way the tide takes it.

This is his home.

Travails of a Monster Hero Mar 8, 2013   ◦   ~ 1,300 words / 7 minutes

'‘Then I crushed the creature’s skull within the palm of my hand!’' The giant man cheered, and all his fellow inebriated has-beens grunted their approval.