Marvel vs DC

— 470 words / 2 minutes

I’m not going to pretend to be impartial here. Growing up I was always a Marvel fan. I used to joke that DC stood for Dumb Comics… Except for Batman, of course. Everybody loves Batman.

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Storyboard Comics

— 301 words / 2 minutes

Marvel calls them Infinite Comics. Mark Waid just calls them Digital Comics. Their founding-father Yves Bigerel (Balak) calls them Turbomedia. But personally speaking, I prefer to call them Storyboard Comics.

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Darkenshire Detectives - Test Page

— 24 words / 0 minutes

Test page created with Comic Draw by plasq. It’s a pretty great app for drawing comics on the iPad.

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Eight Legs, One Demand (Pt. 1 & 2)

— 80 words / 0 minutes

Based on my flash fiction of the same name.

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A Day in the Life...

— 55 words / 0 minutes

Read the exciting comic based on a day in my life.

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TMNT: Spy Game

— 8 words / 0 minutes

Mortal Kourting

— 58 words / 0 minutes

Darkshore Detectives

— 59 words / 0 minutes

Conversations in Orbit

— 78 words / 0 minutes