Tag: short story

BJ and the Bear Sep 2, 2014   ◦   ~ 500 words / 3 minutes

There once was a lumberjack named Jack Lumber. He was the best lumberjack ever – And he knew it.

The townspeople called him “B.J.” for Boastful Jack.

Serenity Island [Unfinished] Mar 13, 2013   ◦   ~ 1,150 words / 6 minutes

This island is afloat. Attached to no land mass, it drifts as it pleases. Going whichever way the tide takes it.

This is his home.

The Grand Archive Adventure Aug 25, 2014   ◦   ~ 1,500 words / 8 minutes

You think you know something, but then the universe just has to prove you wrong. Heb’beth thought as she headed to the Grand Archive’s refreshment area for a well deserved break.

There's No Reasoning with Aliens A Dr. Dirk Rigger Adventure Mar 13, 2013   ◦   ~ 2,000 words / 10 minutes

Nukes! That’s the only answer.” Croaked a withered man in a wheelchair sitting opposite the President of the United States…

Tinker Toy Dec 26, 2017   ◦   ~ 900 words / 5 minutes

Frank looked at the collection of parts, gears, springs, and microcontrollers spread across his workbench. This would be chaos or just a bunch of junk for anyone else. But not for Frank; they were his clay, his art supplies.

Travails of a Monster Hero Mar 8, 2013   ◦   ~ 1,300 words / 7 minutes

'‘Then I crushed the creature’s skull within the palm of my hand!’' The giant man cheered, and all his fellow inebriated has-beens grunted their approval.