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There's No Holding Back The Tide
Apr 9, 2023   ◦   ~ 1,200 words / 6 minutes

How AI is shaping the future of writing, and what is the sweet spot between human creativity and AI assistance?

What Kind Of Writer Do You Want To Be?
Mar 14, 2023   ◦   ~ 700 words / 4 minutes

I’ve seen a lot of advice telling young writers to “write to market,” and I think it’s a terrible idea. If you want to make a living writing things you don’t care about, you might as well get into marketing or copywriting.

Faux Van Gogh Feb 25, 2023   ◦   ~ 950 words / 5 minutes

Generative AI art isn’t going anywhere. It’s already too useful. But the commercial, legal, and ethical aspects are tangled in a massive knot. Where’s Alexander the Great when you need him?

Rubberducking Feb 15, 2023   ◦   ~ 500 words / 2 minutes

How is rubber duck debugging similar to writing stories with an AI?

How Much Should We Fear ChatGPT? Feb 6, 2023   ◦   ~ 5,150 words / 26 minutes

I’m an author. When I’m not writing fiction, I’m writing software. It seems both are under threat of an Artificial Intelligence takeover. Or are they? Do we need to worry about some bot taking all our jobs? Well, I decided to have a look.

Sculptember 2021 Nov 6, 2021   ◦   ~ 200 words / 1 minute

Sculptember! Again!

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