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The Infamous Date

— 520 words / 3 minutes

When I was growing up, my grandfather would call to wish me a happy birthday every year. Each conversation would start with the same sentence:

“It was a date which will live in infamy…”

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Beware Weighing Numbers Too Heavily

— 657 words / 4 minutes

Weight alone is not a good indicator of body composition, general health, or fitness. In fact, arbitrary numbers aren’t the end-all be-all that you might think.

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Drumpf Flinger 9000

— 163 words / 1 minute

In a post-apocalyptic alternate timeline (when there are no limits on adjective usage!) President Drumpf is trapped on the ‘wrong’ side of his wall. Your job is to fling him over it, if you can. If not… Well, accidents happen.

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Marvel vs DC

— 470 words / 3 minutes

I’m not going to pretend to be impartial here. Growing up I was always a Marvel fan. I used to joke that DC stood for Dumb Comics… Except for Batman, of course. Everybody loves Batman.

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Zombie Mart

Part 4: Rescuers Not Required

A scream rang out, echoing slightly in the warehouse-style store. It came from the direction of the electronics aisle…

Zombie Mart

Part 3: Dick for Brains

Gun Ho Kim walked up to the Zippie Mart with a spring in his step. He had worked here until a few months ago and hadn’t been able to find another job since. But to be fair, he hadn’t really looked for one either.

Zombie Mart

Part 2: Flashpoint

The parking lot had quite a few people shambling around. More than usual. Gonna be a busy day, I guess. He thought. Although he wasn’t sure why it would be so busy. Was today a holiday? Should he be getting time-and-a-half?

Zombie Mart

Part 1: It Rises

As he clawed himself upright, a single thought dominated his mind. Coalescing into one word. He had to have it. He could never be alive without it…

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