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The Apoidean Affair

— 83 words / 1 minute

“The Apoidean Affair”, the first book in the Smith and W’sin series is available now on!

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Consider The Source

— 1200 words / 6 minutes

We are in an age where nothing can be taken at face value. But does that mean we have to disbelieve all that we read? Is everything “fake news?”

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Sculptember 2019

— 940 words / 5 minutes

I’ve been challenging myself to new creative projects lately, attempting to stretch my creative horizons. For September, I decided to participate in the Sculptember 2019 challenge.

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Boo-oom 2: Electric Boo-galoo!

— 101 words / 1 minute

Keep ghosts from escaping the cemetery by hurling spirit bombs at them! How far can you get before becoming overwhelmed? A new game from WizBangify (me)!

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Zombie Mart

Part 5: Hoe Down

“What did you do, Jacques?”

“You saw. It attacked us, Jillian. I was… I was just defending myself,” he trailed off, sounding like he was trying to convince himself as much as her.

Zombie Mart

Part 4: Rescuers Not Required

A scream rang out, echoing slightly in the warehouse-style store. It came from the direction of the electronics aisle…

Zombie Mart

Part 3: Dick for Brains

Gun Ho Kim walked up to the Zippie Mart with a spring in his step. He had worked here until a few months ago and hadn’t been able to find another job since. But to be fair, he hadn’t really looked for one either.

Zombie Mart

Part 2: Flashpoint

The parking lot had quite a few people shambling around. More than usual. Gonna be a busy day, I guess. He thought. Although he wasn’t sure why it would be so busy. Was today a holiday? Should he be getting time-and-a-half?

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