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Sculptember 2020
Oct 4, 2020   ◦   ~ 550 words / 3 minutes

Another September is now in the books. It was a notable month for so, so many reasons. Not the least of which is Sculptember!

Everything Old is New Again
Oct 3, 2020   ◦   ~ 1,350 words / 7 minutes

Worldwide pandemic. Extreme political incompetence. Election tampering. Partisan stupidity. There are tons of things I could write about. But instead of those blood-pressure inflating topics, how about something completely different?

Nexus Necrominder Mar 31, 2020   ◦   ~ 300 words / 1 minute

“Nexus Necrominder”, book two in the Smith and W’sin series is available now on!

The Threat of AI isn't What You Think Nov 23, 2019   ◦   ~ 600 words / 3 minutes

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a threat to humanity? Without question, yes. Is it going to take over the world and decide that humans are its biggest enemy and kill us all?

The Apoidean Affair Nov 13, 2019   ◦   ~ 100 words / 1 minute

“The Apoidean Affair”, the first book in the Smith and W’sin series is available now on!

Consider The Source Nov 9, 2019   ◦   ~ 1,100 words / 6 minutes

We are in an age where nothing can be taken at face value. But does that mean we have to disbelieve all that we read? Is everything “fake news?”

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