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Fiction Fridays

— 167 words

There’s only so much reading about theory you can do before you have to get stuck in and do the work.

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Working Towards Less (of Me)

— 873 words

On my mission of spare tire reduction and attempting to look good in a t-shirt, here’s what I’ve done to drop 40 lbs over the last 6 months.

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On Placebos

— 932 words

The power of the human mind is staggering.

Our brain consumes 25% of the energy our bodies generate. Think about that, one full quarter of our energy needs are to feed our minds.

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Storyboard Comics

— 303 words

Marvel calls them Infinite Comics. Mark Waid just calls them Digital Comics. Their founding-father Yves Bigerel (Balak) calls them Turbomedia. But personally speaking, I prefer to call them Storyboard Comics.

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There's No Reasoning with Aliens

Nukes! That’s the only answer.” Croaked a withered man in a wheelchair sitting opposite the President of the United States…

Chance Would Be A Fine Thing

“You have been chosen, young one.” The mentor said, eyebrows drawn down somberly.

“I’m the chosen one? Wow!” The child’s eyes lit up.

Terrorforming Mars

It was Fen’s condition that landed him this “assignment” at the Mars Extra-Human Terraforming Colony No. 214. They used a lot of words when naming this facility, but somehow they left out the operative one: Penal.

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth (snippet)

“I’ve heard all the stories. They’re true, aren’t they? You found the Holy Grail, actually held it in your hands.”

“Well, yeah. But kid—”

“And did it really save your dad’s life?”

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