On Placebos

— 932 words

The power of the human mind is staggering.

Our brain consumes 25% of the energy our bodies generate. Think about that, one full quarter of our energy needs are to feed our minds.

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Storyboard Comics

— 303 words

Marvel calls them Infinite Comics. Mark Waid just calls them Digital Comics. Their founding-father Yves Bigerel (Balak) calls them Turbomedia. But personally speaking, I prefer to call them Storyboard Comics.

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Capitalism is the Codification of Greed

— 426 words

Black Panther: Good Movie or Political Statement?

— 588 words

A Purposeful Maker

— 255 words

Mindfulness via Gadgetry

— 414 words

Star Wars: Return of Fan Entitlement

— 1029 words

The Road Not Taken

— 666 words

On Parentheticals

— 122 words

Monthly Game Update

— 194 words

Second Efforts

— 194 words

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Matt McCray

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A Writer of things. Prose. Code. Obscenities. Sentence Fragments.

Latest Fiction

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth (snippet)

“I’ve heard all the stories. They’re true, aren’t they? You found the Holy Grail, actually held it in your hands.”

“Well, yeah. But kid—”

“And did it really save your dad’s life?”

Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. sighed as he pushed up his trademark fedora and scratched his head.

The Penrose Stairs

I was in a Sisyphean hell. I only had two options: go upstairs or downstairs. The worst part is that the amount of effort to go up or down was the same. How was that even possible?

Tinker Toy

Frank looked at the collection of parts, gears, springs, and microcontrollers spread across his workbench. This would be chaos or just a bunch of junk for anyone else. But not for Frank; they were his clay, his art supplies.

The Corgian Escape

They were in a real mess. Again. Yes, it seemed they were always in one scrape or another, but W’sn thought this was a particularly bad one.

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