Monthly Game Update

Nov 22, 2017 ~ 2 min read ~ gameswip

Monthly Game Update

I had a lot of fun with last month’s game, but didn’t wind up with all my ideas finished in time for the deadline. But games, like art, are never finished. Just abandoned. (Right, Leo?)

It looks like I won’t get all of my ideas worked in to this month’s game either… But I should have something (debatably fun) playable in the next week or so.

Some work-in-progress shots:

work in progress shot 1

work in progress shot 2

work in progress shot 3

work in progress shot 4

work in progress shot 5

work in progress shot 6

I think my 2D design sketch of Drumpf looks more like John Madden in cosplay (“Cankles!”). The 3D version looks more like Gorbachev in a bad wig (Which still kind of works… 🤔). But that’s okay. I’m avoiding too much of a likeness to the Great Orange Buffoon anyway.

So yeah; If you’re a neo-nazi Drumpf booster then this game isn’t for you.

Anyway, this game will be out, in some form or another, at the beginning of December. I already have some ideas for next month’s game. Don’t worry, it’ll be less inflammatory. Maybe a holiday themed match three game? (Oops, I didn’t say “Christmas,” I guess it’s controversial already!)