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Fractured Realms: A Postmortem

Nov 13, 2023 ~ 34 min read ~ writingaicraft

A post in which I go on at some length about using AI as a tool for writing stories (quickly).


Fractured Realms

Oct 31, 2023 ~ 2 min read ~ releasebooksfree

When a sinister VR game traps five friends in a nightmare realm, surviving the dangerous trials will take brains, courage, and teamwork.


Modern Pulp Fiction

Sep 1, 2023 ~ 6 min read ~ writinghistory

What exactly does “modern pulp fiction” mean, and how does it inform my writing? Grab a cup of joe, put your feet up, and let me break it down for you.


Praxis Makes Perfect

Aug 15, 2023 ~ 2 min read ~ releasenewsbooks

See how Smith & W’sin acquired their iconic ship, the Praxis in the newest release: Praxis Makes Perfect


There's No Holding Back The Tide

Apr 9, 2023 ~ 7 min read ~ aiwritingcrafttech

How AI is shaping the future of writing, and what is the sweet spot between human creativity and AI assistance?

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