Choose Your Doom

You pull up to the scene of the crime with Bill, your partner.

‘‘Wow, talk about a bull in a china shop.’’ Bill said as he stepped out of the car. ‘‘But I guess that’s better than a porcupine in a condom store, huh?’’

Eight Legs One Demand

‘‘Humans! This is your only warning. We, the Arachnid Nation, declare our sovereignty and will to be given the respect we deserve!’’ The spider said, it’s multifaceted eyes sparkling. It’s visage was being displayed in a secret room, where secret plans were usually made by those who sat around the long table.

Z is for Zed

Zed strained against the latch, doing his best to keep out the throngs of – Well, he didn’t know what they were. He couldn’t bring himself to say zombies, or undead. Those were stupid, childish words that had no place here in the real world.