Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth (snippet)

“I’ve heard all the stories. They’re true, aren’t they? You found the Holy Grail, actually held it in your hands.”

“Well, yeah. But kid—”

“And did it really save your dad’s life?”

Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. sighed as he pushed up his trademark fedora and scratched his head.

The Penrose Stairs

I was in a Sisyphean hell. I only had two options: go upstairs or downstairs. The worst part is that the amount of effort to go up or down was the same. How was that even possible?

Tinker Toy

Frank looked at the collection of parts, gears, springs, and microcontrollers spread across his workbench. This would be chaos or just a bunch of junk for anyone else. But not for Frank; they were his clay, his art supplies.

The Corgian Escape

They were in a real mess. Again. Yes, it seemed they were always in one scrape or another, but W’sn thought this was a particularly bad one.

BJ and the Bear

There once was a lumberjack named Jack Lumber. He was the best lumberjack ever — And he knew it.

The townspeople called him “B.J.” for Boastful Jack.

The Grand Archive Adventure

You think you know something, but then the universe just has to prove you wrong. Heb’beth thought as she headed to the Grand Archive’s refreshment area for a well deserved break.

Serenity Island [Unfinished]

This island is afloat. Attached to no land mass, it drifts as it pleases. Going whichever way the tide takes it.

This is his home.

Travails of a Monster Hero

'‘Then I crushed the creature’s skull within the palm of my hand!’' The giant man cheered, and all his fellow inebriated has-beens grunted their approval.

The Last Stand

Jarec, the ship’s pilot, looked over to his first-mate. “Things aren’t looking so good, pal.”

Frougierre looked back at him, his amphibious eyes watery with emotion.

The Dream Team in ¡Dia de los Muertos!

Panel 1 - Splash page. The Dream Team — Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Dan Marley, Carl Malone, Chris Mullen, and Patrick Ewing — are standing in a little courtyard in Barcelona. A guide is finishing up his tour of the city.

Choose Your Doom

You pull up to the scene of the crime with Bill, your partner.

‘‘Wow, talk about a bull in a china shop.’’ Bill said as he stepped out of the car. ‘‘But I guess that’s better than a porcupine in a condom store, huh?’’

Loose Lips Sink Spies

‘‘My name is William Harold, and I’m going to the Moon for a mix of work and pleasure… If I’m lucky.’’ I smiled to cover my over-enunciation.

The guard frowned slightly as he continued to wand me.

A Future Unexpected

My name is Marc Munz, and I am a time traveller.

But that’s not such a big feat, really. Time travel is so commonplace that it’s mundane. We all travel through time, every day of our lives. Each tick taking us further forward in time. Forward being the key.

Eight Legs One Demand

‘‘Humans! This is your only warning. We, the Arachnid Nation, declare our sovereignty and will to be given the respect we deserve!’’ The spider said, it’s multifaceted eyes sparkling. It’s visage was being displayed in a secret room, where secret plans were usually made by those who sat around the long table.

The End is the Beginning

There were two people in line ahead of me. I wished there were a thousand.

With a whoosh they were vaporized and the teleportation operator waved me forward.

Z is for Zed

Zed strained against the latch, doing his best to keep out the throngs of — Well, he didn’t know what they were. He couldn’t bring himself to say zombies, or undead. Those were stupid, childish words that had no place here in the real world.

Hurry Up and Wait

Rob was completely spent. His client had been in such a rush, they demanded that he have something to show by Monday. So Rob worked all weekend. Toiled long and hard, finishing in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Notes From the Ether(net)

I was born by accident, really. My father — if indeed that’s the right word to use — was a 16 year old boy. He was very brilliant, already working towards a doctorate from Carnegie Mellon.

I, Person

Person grunted as he lifted the pack onto his back.

‘‘Careful, someone might mistake you for a real gorilla!’’ Chavez laughed as he went to his station to gear up. He could be a real dick sometimes.